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The Lowdown on Bakcou's Electric Scooters

A classic ride from our childhood reimagined, an electric scooter is all the rage right now, and for good reason. While best known for our fat-tire, all-terrain eBikes, Bakcou has entered the world of all-terrain electric scooters. They’re quick, easy to handle, and a relatively affordable option for alternative transportation. Built using the same technology as Bakcou eBikes, our new electric scooters offer another great opportunity for adventure. Whether you’re looking for something to cruise around the city or want a beefy ride to conquer the backcountry, Bakcou has a scooter to fit your needs.

High-powered and built for the backcountry, the Timberwolf electric scooter lives up to its namesake. Key advantages of the Timberwolf include the ability to get on and off with ease, plus the easy handling allows you to constantly scan your surroundings. Without a chain like an eBike, this scooter allows for a quick, stealthy, and relatively silent spot and stalk. Likewise, the Timberwolf and smooth maneuvarability and easy handling. The Timberwolf is built with the same Bafang 750 Watt rear hub motor as our Flatlander eBikes, giving you the power you need to navigate the backcountry. Notably, the powerful Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic brakes allow for a safe ride. Other notable components of the Timberwolf include the 400-lumen headlight, front and rear mud fenders, and a rear pannier rack. The Timberwolf is the perfect, quality-built electric scooter for rough roads and woodsy terrain. Grizzly The Grizzly is the top of the food chain, and this scooter is no different. This high-powered, full-suspension electric scooter was made for rocky roads and technical terrain. The Grizzly has easy handling, making it the perfect tool for the backcountry. As a result of the relatively silent operation, it is perfect for a spot and stalk. Powered by a Bafang 1000 Watt motor, this beast easily handles the difficult terrain of the backcountry. A high-grade aluminum alloy 6061 frame, beefy fat tires, and powerful Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes give this scooter the durability it needs. A bright 400-lumen headlight, rear pannier rack, and front and rear mud fenders are all included with the Grizzly scooter. The Grizzly, made to handle the demands of the backcountry, is sure to get you to your destination with ease. Every Bakcou electric scooter is built with the same quality design and integrity as our eBikes. From the slim and sleek Mini Badger to the rough and rugged Grizzly, our electric scooters provide fun for all ages with models available to fit all of your needs. Browse our collection of scooters HERE and find your ride to take you on your next adventure.


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