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5 Ways an eBike Can Improve Your Life

The popularity and success of eBikes have more than skyrocketed in recent years, for good reasons. They’re fun, relatively affordable, and capable of getting you where you need to go with relative ease. We often talk about how eBikes are a game-changer for your trail riding, hunting, and backcountry adventures, helping to take you farther into the backcountry. It's just as important to know how an eBike can improve your life overall.

Whether an avid outdoorsman or a weekend warrior or simply just looking to get started, eBikes provide something for everyone. eBikes are opening the doors to new opportunities and making riding a bike and reaching new destinations possible for everyone. It’s been exciting to see how much the industry has accomplished and leaves us hopeful for what’s to come. Be sure to stick with us as we break down a few of the many ways riding an eBike can change your life. You might learn something new!

#1: A Long-Lasting Form of Exercise

The most notable and most talked about benefit of eBikes is their positive impact on physical health. eBikes help riders get in shape and stay in shape while being easier on the body (but not decreasing the intensity of your exercise). eBikes are easier on the joints, making them a perfect exercise option for the older generations or those with injuries or physical limitations. They make cycling more accessible for everyone.

In addition to helping riders get in shape and being less physically taxing on the body, eBikes benefit riders by giving them the ability to modify each ride to fit their needs for the day. Often when people start to get discouraged by their workouts, they tend to back away from exercising because it can be too hard or too demanding on their body, and they lose hope. When riders can adjust each ride to their needs, they don't get discouraged, and it gives them the flexibility necessary to stay motivated to keep coming back for more.

On the other hand, getting bored during a workout can also be discouraging and drive people away. If they feel like their rides are too easy, riders will get bored and never ride again. When they have eBikes with adjustable levels of pedal assist, riders can turn down the pedal assist and put themselves in a position to have to do more of the work themselves. Turning down the pedal-assist makes their workouts more challenging and a bit more enjoyable for those looking to push themselves, and in turn, keeps them coming back again and again.

#2: Improving Your Mental Health, One Ride At A Time

Fresh air and exercise are proven to improve your mental health. eBikes help you get outside and stay outside longer, improving your mental health one ride at a time. Many riders feel that there is nothing better than a ride in the sunshine, taking in new sights, with a slight breeze in your face on a warm summer day to put you in a good mood while benefiting your body.

#3: Grow Your Social Life

eBikes also create more of a social activity than traditional bikes. Finding biking and eBiking groups local to your area to get involved in is a great way to find new friends with similar interests. At the same time, eBikes create an opportunity to keep your rides consistent and give riders the capability to keep up with the group. On traditional bikes, riding in a group can be a bit stressful. You often have riders who end up farther ahead of the group while others fall behind due to terrain difficulty and riding abilities. With eBikes, riders can adjust their ride to match their needs by giving themselves the level of pedal-assist they need. Positive social interaction is essential for your mental health, and eBiking creates the perfect opportunity to make new friends or reconnect with old ones.

#4: Save Time, Money and The Environment

Riding an eBike makes for a far better mode of commuting than a traditional, gas-powered vehicle for several reasons. When you use your eBike for commuting, it benefits both you and the environment. Commuting on your eBike allows you to get in your daily exercise, spend time outside in the sunlight getting fresh air, and help the environment. eBikes are a non-pollutant mode of transportation and can help us reduce our carbon footprint one ride at a time.

When you use your eBike for commuting, riders also find themselves saving quite a bit of money. With an eBike, there are no fuel costs, relatively no maintenance expenses compared to a car, and, typically, no costs to park your bike like there is for vehicles. Not to mention, using their eBike for commuting purposes allows riders to avoid the typical costs of wear and tear on their gas-powered vehicle.

While we've focused a lot on the cost-saving aspects of an eBike with commuting, it’s also important to mention how much time riders save when they commute to work on their eBike. You may be thinking how that's even possible, and we don't blame you. Your eBike won't reach the speeds that your car can, and you sometimes have to go a little out of your way to find a bike path or bike lane that will take you to your destination, but you'll still typically find your commute being shorter than it is by car. And when you start to think about it, it starts to make sense. In cities across the country, commutes are getting longer and longer due to growing population size and needing to share the road with more people making the same commute.

On average, the typical commute is thirty minutes each way; that adds up to an hour plus spent out of each day just sitting in your car waiting for traffic. But you can usually avoid that when you take your eBike. With your bike, you're able to either hop on the bike path to breeze home or ride in a bike lane sharing the road with commuting traffic but making much faster progress. When you use the bike path, you typically don't deal with traffic jams unless your ride crosses a busy street and you find yourself held up at a crosswalk. When you ride on the road, even if you do hit stalled traffic, you can typically safely navigate to the front of the pack and be able to continue on your way once the light turns green.

Being able to save time and smoothly continue with your commute means that your trip will take the same amount of time every day and gives you more time to spend your day doing what you want, not wasting time sitting in your car. I think we can all agree that we would love to have a little extra time before and after work.

#5: Taking You to New Destinations

eBikes are helping riders reach new destinations and see places that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Whether too far into the backcountry, farther than most are willing to travel by foot, or just places they would have never thought to visit otherwise, eBikes are opening a new realm of possibilities.

Not only are eBikes taking riders further on single journeys, but they are also helping riders visit more destinations and ride many trails in a shorter amount of time. With the option to put a little less exertion into each ride, riders have the energy and capability to take on longer or multiple trails in one day or on one trip. This ability is opening doors to riders and tourists alike to-be-able to seize the opportunity of their trips to the fullest.

eBikes help riders take on more trails, avoid traffic, and see more at their own pace and on their schedule. A whole new world of possibilities awaits when you take the leap and invest in an electric bicycle. eBikes are opening doors for new adventures, new friendships, and new opportunities for riders of all ages and abilities. Try not to let the fear of trying new things scare you away from trying out an eBike. As the biking world embraces the emergence of eBikes, several tutorials, guides, and local groups to get involved with have been established to make getting started on your new ride a breeze. Grab your eBike today and see where it takes you. Happy riding!


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