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Mid Drive vs Rear Hub E-Bikes For Hunting Purposes

You can choose from various performance options and parts that can be customized with hunting e-bikes. The motor is one of the most crucial factors when choosing an electric bike for hunting. Typically, you have two choices: mid-drive or a hub motor.

What is a mid-drive motor?

A mid-drive motor (MDM) is a motor situated in the center of the bicycle, directly between the pedals. In contrast to the RHM, this sort of motor can only assist you with pedaling; it cannot run independently.


  •  Hub drive motors tend to be cheaper than comparable mid-drive motors.

  • Mid-drive motors use a chainring to transmit torque to your wheels, which combines with your gears to produce more active power and acceleration.

  • Mid-drive motors offer a more natural feel and improved efficiency while driving in the right gear because they agree with your gears.


  • Mid-drive motors may subject the chain to extra strain. This is especially true if the cyclist is using the gears wrong or is attempting to climb a steep hill.

  • Mid-drive motors tend to be more expensive than comparable hub drive motors.

Hub Drive Motor

As the name suggests, it is a motor installed on the back of the bike, specifically on the

axis of the rear wheel.


  • Hub drive motors tend to be cheaper than comparable mid-drive motors.

  • A hub drive will still function if the bike has a throttle. This guarantees that you won't be left stranded if your chain breaks.

Cons: 

  • Depending on which hub has the motor, the balance will be altered because the weight is far to the back or front. 

  • Removing that wheel could be more challenging when you get a flat.

  • Another possibility is that wires need to be dismounted.

Conclusion: Which E-bike Motor Is Best For Hunters?

Every motor is different, and some expensive hub motors will perform better than less expensive mid-drive motors. Quality vs. money is ultimately what makes the most difference. Hub motors for hunting eBikes typically cost cheaper to buy, fix, and replace the motor. A hub motor still delivers adequate performance, particularly for midwestern hunters who don't have to pass through very high slopes. However, a mid-drive motor will cost a little more if you want top-notch quality. Mid-drive motors typically offer more power and efficiency and better ride quality.

Remark: The argument between the hub drive and the mid drive doesn't have a one-size-fitsall, clear-cut solution, like many other types of conflicting technology. It depends on your preferences for a motor and your budget for an eBike.


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