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Bike Rental

In addition to selling a complete lineup of Bakcou, Rambo, Fission and Eunorau E-Bikes, RG Sports and Outdoors also offers a rental program.

Bikes are available for short term daily rentals, or longer week long trips.  At then end of the rental period, you will have the option to purchase the bike and use the rental cost as part of the payment.

All bikes are available for pickup in Princeton MN.  Before being sent out, bikes will be inspected by our staff along with the renter.  Upon being returned, the same process will occur.  If any damage occurs, the renter will be liable.

1 Day = $125
2 Day = $220
3 Day = $300
1 Week = $600
> 1 Week = Contact Shop

If interested, please email us at
or call the shop at 844-281-4868

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