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Cuddeback Tracks Press Release - "Western Whitetail"

Blog from "Western Whitetail"

Cuddeback, an industry leader in trail camera technology, announces “Tracks” cellular trail cameras. This line of trail cameras will focus on traditional cell cameras outside of the CuddeLink eco-system.

Mark Cuddeback explains, “Tracks by Cuddeback is our stand-alone cellular trail camera. The CuddeLink system has exceeded my expectations and we are committed to continuing CuddeLink development. However, many hunters have smaller parcels where a single or a few cellular cameras are sufficient. And there are still plenty of new users of cellular cameras that want to begin with a single camera to get acquainted with cellular technology. Tracks allow Cuddeback to have a first-class offering while being branded differently to avoid confusion related to the CuddeLink product line.”

Tracks are built on a new small ergonomic camera platform that maximizes the features users are looking for in a cellular trail camera. Historically, lesser cell cameras have been plagued by poor or spotty coverage and mediocre image quality. The new Tracks camera combats this issue with the integration of dual external paddle antennas for superior LTE reception in fringe areas. Tracks use an advanced IR-cut image sensor that eliminates the mechanical filter mover common in most trail cameras. This results in better image quality and reliability. The camera runs on four D batteries, which provides longer battery life than cameras powered by AA batteries. Additionally, Tracks supports connectivity to all Cuddeback accessories, ranging from external battery packs and solar panels to mounting systems.

A built-in user interface allows the users to easily program and make changes to settings while at the camera. Users can also remotely adjust camera settings through the web interface or via the smartphone app.

Finally, the new Tracks series allows users to access images in four ways: a smartphone app, email, text messaging, and an online web interface. And Tracks can send emails & texts to up to 10 people, allowing users to share images with friends and family without giving them access to the account.


  • Small ergonomic housing.

  • Advanced PIR (animal detector) with 7 stages of adjustability.

  • Enhanced user interface with 2-line backlit display.

  • Uses 4D size batteries which are lower cost and last longer than comparable AA battery power.

  • Compatible with all Cuddeback accessories.

  • Features 2 high-gain paddle external antennas for operation in fringe reception areas.

  • Cell model features dual SIM sockets so camera can be configured by user to use either AT&T or Verizon cellular LTE service (one or the other, not at the same time).


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