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Trail Cameras - Which Brand is Right For Me?

With summer coming to a close, trail camera season is fully open us. Cameras provide valuable insight for the hunting season, giving you a better chance to take down that mature buck!

With many camera brands to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what brand fits your needs. Picture quality, video availability, cell plan cost and many other factors should be looked at. Below, we'll break down our top three favorite brands on the market today: Cuddeback, Tactacam and Spartan.

Cuddelink by Cuddeback:

The favorite thing we like about Cuddeback is the Cuddelink system. With the patented Cuddelink system, users can link up to 24 cameras under 1 cell plan, saving the users . When running a fleet of cameras, there isn't a cheaper cell plan available. If running more than 4 trail cameras in a select area, we recommend running the Cuddeback system.

Cellular: Yes

Flashes Available: Black, Infrared, Strobe(White)

Instant Photos: No

Videos: No

Cost: $200 Warranty: 5:2:1

(1 Year Warranty, 2 Years if Registered, 5 Year Disc. Buy Back)


  • Cuddelink System

  • Longest Warranty

  • One of the Main Original Trail Camera Manufacturers

  • Cheapest Cell Plans When Running Systems

  • Pictures can be sent to app and to multiple email/phone numbers


  • Battery Life - Due to the linking, cameras use extra battery. External power sources are available for extended run times.

  • No instant photos. Pictures are sent as a batch as fast as one hour

  • Initial camera setup can be complicated


The Reveal by Tactam is the newest company on our list. Since hitting the market, they have made a big splash, taking over the trail camera market. Simple, easy to use and low cost, 3 key factors for success. When running a small amount of cameras, or cameras spread across multiple properties, the Reveal is the perfect trail camera.

Cellular: Yes

Flashes Available: Black, Low Glow

Instant Photos: Yes

Videos: Yes

Cost: $120 - $150 Warranty: 1 Year


Instant Access to Photos and Videos

Lowest Price Point

Easiest Camera Setup


Relatively New to Market

Limited Flash and Camera Models


Spartan has been around for years and has always been seen as a premium trail camera. With top end features like "Go Live" (gives you the ability to watch live at any time) and a great warranty, it's no wonder the Spartan brand is still around. With a recent price drop, they are now more affordable than ever. For serious hunters who want all the bells and whistles, the Spartan "Go Live" is the trail camera for you.

Cellular: Yes

Flashes Available: Black, Strobe(White)

Instant Photos: Yes

Videos: Yes

Cost: $200 - $400 Warranty: 2 Year


Instant Access to Photos and Videos

Live Streaming Available (Go-Live Model)


High Price Point

Initial Setup Can be Complex

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at or call the shop at 844-281-HUNT (4868).



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